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Hi, I'm Kit!​
I'm a queer creative with a passion for storytelling and community engagement. Throughout my career I've written, directed and produced work for stage, screen and radio.​

Highlights of my work include:​


  • Come in, Oxford The Museum of Oxford (2022)
    "[A] vital piece of local storytelling" - Daily Info

  • Self-Portrait Potluck Festival, Tablespoon Theatre (2021)
    "Beautifully produced and thought-provoking discussion on identity " - Scottish Contemporary Review

​Through my work I aim to spread joy, provoke thought and connect people. With a background in arts facilitation, I'm experienced in leading workshops and sessions, bringing a hands-on, collaborative approach to creative education and community engagement.

I love to meet and chat with other creatives. To follow my work and connect, you can email me or drop me a message on Instagram.

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